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How to Unlock Computer If I Forgot Windows 8 Password?

forgot windows 8 passwordWhat should I do if I forgot my Windows 8 password? Last week, I changed my Windows 8 admin password but lost it today for some reason. I just wonder whether I could log into my laptop or not?
Have you ever come across the similar problem? It is common that many PC users forgot Windows 8 password  ( for all kinds of reasons. Here are some Windows 8 forgotten Windows 8 problems I collect from Q&A website.

Jerry: “yesterday I was locked out of my Windows 8 laptop and it said my password was wrong. Fortunately I have no password reset disk. Does anyone have any ideas that could help me?”

“How do I reset the password for my administrator account on Windows 8? I really need something simple as I am computer newbie” From Mrs sam.

Tony:” I could not download anything on my Windows 8 computer. When it comes to download it says password and has his user i wanna know how i can get rid of it to be able to download things again”

Have you ever come across such problem? If so, how to do?

Solution: Recover Lost windows 8 Password by Third-Party Software Totally

Generally speaking, we can reset or recover forgotten Windows 8 password with Windows password reset disk. Fortunately, we often forgot to create a password reset disk before we lost Windows 8 password.
Have any other simple way? Of course, you can try to use third-party software. Here I would like to take Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 for example. With this powerful Windows 8 password recovery  in hands, you can recover lost Windows 8 password including administrator, user and domain password.

How to begin: Steps to Recover Forgotten windows 8 Password

This is useful guide regarding how to recover Windows 8 password having a USB memory stick when didn’t remember windows 8 password on any account. Well, easy to use and only take 5 minutes.

What you need to Prepare?
1. A bootable USB memory stick
2. Another computer which is unlocked and you can run as administrator.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 from in almost any computer that may run as administrator.
Step 2: Start the applying and place the USB memory stick in computer and choose your target USB memory stick, after which click on the Burn button to begin burning.
Step 3: Click OK when burning process is finished, and go ahead and take USB memory stick from computer.
Step 4: Place the burned USB memory stick for your locked computer and hang the pc as well from USB.
Step 5: Choose the required windows account you need to recover, after which click Totally reset button.
Step 6: Click Yes to carry on, and click on OK when password continues to be effectively totally reset.
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