Windows 8 password reset

Handy Methods to Reset Windows 8 Password

How to break windows 8 password

You may have heard of picture password or you are just using picture password to login window 8. As one of the new features of Windows 8, picture password let you use a graphic password to login windows 8. And that is of great fun. You can draw lines on the picture to create a very complex password makeing it hard for others to break. And you can effortlessly keep the password in mind because you created your graphical password.

However, although the graphical password is easy to remember and hard to crack, if you forget your typical password and picture password you probably be troubled. How do you login the Windows 8 if you can’t recall your picture password and typical password? Do you know how to break window 8 password (

Don’t panic, nothing absolute. Although the graphical password is very complex, so difficult to guess, but there are still some ways to break Windows 8 password. Here I will show you how to crack Windows 8 password (

Option 1. Login Windows 8 with PIN

In addition to the typical password and picture password, you can also add a PIN to secure your Windows 8 account. So when you forgot Windows 8 password, you may simply retrieve Windows 8 password by logining with the earlier created PIN.

windows 8 PIN
Go to the Windows 8 logon screen, select the target account -> click the Sign-in options link to present the PIN login mode -> Select PIN login Windows 8.

Option 2. Check if there’s a password hint or password recovery disk available

Just like Windows 7/Vista/XP, Windows 8 also comes with the Create a password disk and password hint features to secure your password. Lost Windows 8 password? Just try to recall it by taking advantage of the clues form the password hint. Or easily reset the forgotten password with a formerly created password reset disk in seconds.

Option 3. Reset Windows 8 password with windows password recovery tool

It’s also possible to reset windows 8 password ( In Windows 8 you are obligated to a password hint for keeping in mind the password you’ve launched. Try to recall what your password is thru the clues offered by the password hint.

Password hint fails? Then why not check out some Windows password recovery applications? Among all the Windows password reset programs on market, Windows Password Recovery Tool is the most efficient one. With this helpful app, you can easily create a boot password reset disk to reset lost local administrator and passwords for Windows 8. By the way, it also works for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000.

Windows 8 password recovery tool

After reading these instructions, you probably have known how to break Windows 8 password now, just follow the instructions and do it, you will find that lost Windows 8 password is no longer a problem for you.

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