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Ever thought how to remove Windows 8 password, even including the Windows 8 picture password?
Windows 8 will not only be an operating system for desktops and laptops, but also for touch tablets and mobile phones. With an expected release data of October, 2012, Windows 8 has attracted many computer users. Do you love or hate it? If you have been always using desktops and don’t like a tablet, I’m afraid you won’t like it. Whatever, some new features that Windows 8 will bring to us are indeed impressive. One significant new feature is that Windows 8 provides many ways to protect our PC or mobile devices with 3 types of passwords: picture password, 4-digit PIN password and traditional text password. Picture password, as a new security feature of Windows 8, could be very popular and neoteric.


Users can choose any picture and create three gestures to make an extremely strong password to protect Windows 8 device. But sometimes it could be even difficult to unlock even by user himself. So, if you are the single user or home user of your Windows 8 device, then you can totally remove Windows 8 user password and skip it to log in Windows 8 automatically.


How to remove Windows 8 picture password?
Step1: Click Windows logo button, then give a click on Control Panel icon from Metro screen.
Step2: In the new open window, tap on Users. Then your Windows 8 picture password will be displayed to you.
Step3: Click on Remove button to completely delete the picture password.


Indeed, it’s quite easy to remove Windows 8 login password for everyone when it is not lost or forgotten. However, what if you forgot Windows 8 picture password? Some people may use the traditional text password and 4-digit PIN password to reset forgotten Windows 8 picture password. It will work indeed. But what about all the 3 passwords are forgotten too and your Windows 8 machine is totally locked? Well, in this situation, you have to find a professional third-party Windows 8 password recovery tool.


Use Windows Password Recovery Ultimate to remove password for a locked Windows 8 computer.
Briefly speaking, Windows Password Recovery Ultimate is designed for resetting or removing forgotten, lost or hacked passwords for all Windows-based computers even including the newest Windows 8 OS. If you have forgotten the traditional text password for your Windows 8 computer or mobile devices, then this Windows 8 password remover can help you deleting the password within minutes and later you can log in Windows 8 freely! Now please visit here for more detailed information:

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